The Walking Dead Game’s Dan Connors „Episodic Gaming“ – Full Keynote Speech – DICE Summit 2013
The Walking Dead Game’s Dan Connors „Episodic Gaming“ – Full Keynote Speech – DICE Summit 2013

2013 DICE Videos Here: The Walking Dead Game creator Dan Connors (CEO/Founder, Telltale Games) gives his keynote speech at the 2013 DICE Summit. Titled „Episodic Gaming: How Telltale’s Episodic Model Is Changing The Way People Play“. Brought to you by Variety and Machinima. The DICE Awards recognize the year’s best videogames, computer games, online entertainment, outstanding individuals, and groundbreaking development teams that have propelled the advancement of the entertainment software industry. Make sure to watch the 16th Annual DICE Awards LIVE on Feburary 7th at 7 PM PST on MachinimaLIVE: Full list of NOMINEES HERE: DICE AWARDS Official Website :: CONTACT US! :: Like Us On Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Tumblr! Follow us on Google+! THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!

  1. I have it on PC and would never consider playing it on my phone.

  2. As i said, they are very much the same game, maybe try playing it?

  3. Appearently you care enough to respond.

  4. Telltale games ftw!

  5. The choices makes you feel like a bastard, or a good guy. And there ARE influences…on the people around you. The story does not change, but that’s not a problem.

  6. And what experience did you feel was best PC or iPhone?

  7. Played the PC version first and bought the iPhone version to fplay in spare time, and the graphics are just as good, the game play works amaazingly with touch screen, just as good as the PC version, very few things got toned down for the phone version and it’s actually pretty cool. Also when you launch the game it says, „Best with headphones“.

  8. What kid? Are you being serious?

  9. They really should have used Video Games Awesome’s playthrough of the series for some great reactions :/

  10. Yeah kid, nobody cares. They’re a company that’s interesting in making money, and they make money by putting the game on phones. Deal with it.

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  12. Haha må ikke ta til sinne:-)
    Svarte bare på spørsmålet eg
    Ka du meine bryr meg svært lite:-)

  13. Jeg snakker om youtuberen „morfar“. Faen du mangler iq ass

  14. So what if he is? How does that make you saying abusive things right? Oh wait it doesn’t. Pull your head out and have some decency.

  15. Wow thanks so much mate 😀

  16. …. Morfar står i ordboka… så det e et norsk ord… samma som dei har 12345678910 i sverige ?… sååååh ja:) men Woooho for the walking dead!

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