The Simpsons Game – Walkthrough – Part 5 (Xbox 360)
The Simpsons Game – Walkthrough – Part 5 (Xbox 360)

Be sure to leave a LIKE to show your support it means a lot! Twitter: What is The Simpsons Game? The Simpsons Game is an action/platformer video game based on the animated television series The Simpsons, made for the Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable. The game was developed, published, and distributed by Electronic Arts. It was released in North America in October 2007 and worldwide in November 2007. It features an original storyline written by Tim Long, Matt Selman, and Matt Warburton. In the self-referential plot, the family discovers that they are forced to participate in another The Simpsons video game. Similar to the show, the game pokes fun at popular culture, other video games, and Electronic Arts, its publisher. The game follows the five Simpson family members—Homer, Marge (with Maggie), Bart, and Lisa—who learn they are part of a video game and are given superpowers to resolve several situations. Eventually, they must save their 8-bit predecessors from Will Wright, and the creator of their video game character selves, Matt Groening. The Simpson family travels to four scenarios in parodies of other games to collect key cards used to infiltrate their creator’s mansion and ultimately to save their predecessors from destruction.

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  2. I only finished Sly 3 planning on buyimg the ps3 pack whit all 3 games then i gotta get Sly 4 when it comes out yeah

  3. I finished the game myselvf just fun to watch other people do it btw whit sly use triangle then x ull do a nice move that you can upgrade

  4. Ill try .-.

  5. I’m gonna be burrowing a friend’s copy of it. So I will definitely start it up again soon! 🙂 I just need to finish Conker’s Bad Fur Day (Another LP People keep asking about) Can you wait until then? The game’s almost finished. 🙂

  6. Dude just buy tye Pack for ps3 whit sly 1 2 3. …. Or buy the hd pls

  7. I need to buy the HD Collection. My old Sly 3 disk broke. 🙁

  8. Im not gonna sub before you do more sly3

  9. Finish Sly3 now

  10. Thanks so much! 😀 

  11. This is such an underrated game that I love, I’m so glad you’re doing it

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