The Ouya Is “Underpowered”, But Holds A Lot Of Promise
The Ouya Is “Underpowered”, But Holds A Lot Of Promise

It’s the Android powered console that you can fit into your pockets, provided you wear pants with some rather large, cube sized holes on either side of your legs. The Ouya has already been shipped to thousands of developers worldwide and they’ve been keeping it’s creators informed of what they think about the promising new console. Last week brought word of some controller redesigns based on feedback, but now some developers are saying the console is a tad underpowered.

However, that’s only when you stack the Ouya against current-generation consoles, which is not really fair when you consider the market focus, hardware and price of the highly successful Kickstarter project. Additionally, developers have openly stated that they belive the Ouya holds a lot of promise, with Rami Ismail and the team at Vlambeer (Super Crate Box) being “pleasantly surprised” with the Ouya development kit. Ismali had this to say about the console:

“We tried some ‘native’ Android code, but also Adobe Air and Unity code and it all worked without hassles. Which basically means pretty much anyone — amateur developer or professional team — could get started making games.”

That in itself is a huge selling point for the Ouya, creating a fully functioning console that invites young developers to try it out while providing a platform for gamers to easily access their indie titles.

However, with all this optimism comes some skepticism, with many developers agreeing that major company’s such as Microsoft and Sony will need to back the project in order to ensure a large player and development base. Tiny Tim Games’ Jerrod Putman explains.

“This is really the biggest unknown now. Naturally, we hope it does well, because at the moment, this is the only way we can actually release console games.”

“While the hardware may be underpowered compared to an Xbox 360 or PS3, I fully expect better-than-late-PS2 visuals. And game-wise, the PS2 was no slouch.”

That doesn’t sound underpowered if you ask me, all things considered. To be honest I was expecting something a lot less powerful than the PS2, which just makes me even more excited for the Ouya’s release this April.


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