Steam For Linux Officially Released
Steam For Linux Officially Released

Valve is really serious about pushing forward with Linux. After Gabe Newell stated that he though Windows 8 was a “disaster” the company has been hard at work on bringing their digital distribution service, Steam, over to Linux-based systems, with the service going live yesterday.

Steam has been in beta for a couple of months now on Linux, but yesterday Valve officially launched the service, with Steam made available on the Ubuntu Software Center. To mark this occasion, Steam is hosting a sale of quite a few games that support Linux systems, such as World of Goo ($ 2.50), FTL: Faster Then Light ($ 5.00) and more.

Steam on Linux is identical to versions found on Mac and Windows, supporting Big Picture Mode and more. Users who play Team Fortress 2 on Linux before March 1st will receive a free in-game item: a penguin named “Tux,” which can be traded between players.

The Steam Box is already going to be Linux based and it seems Valve is intent on making it their preferred OS. Could this be a revolution for PC gaming?


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