Skyrim – Walkthrough Part 53 [A Blade In The Dark] – W/Commentary
Skyrim – Walkthrough Part 53 [A Blade In The Dark] – W/Commentary

See the full Skyrim Walkthrough Here: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Walkthrough Remember to ‚LIKE‘ and ‚FAVORITE‘ and ‚SUBSCRIBE‘ to this series to help it go GLOBAL! My Debut Album is OUT NOW! Download ‚Midnight Winter‘ from iTunes and Bandcamp. Links are below. (Thats right, i have an album. Take a listen) iTunes: Bandcamp: *Extra Info My Album is Officially on iTunes for £3.49BP and .99USD Check it out! Follow me on Twitter at: Like my Facebook Page: Lewis tries his hand at one of the best games to come this year, but what will he think of it and will the game be nice to him? If you have enjoyed this video please go subscribe and check out my other daily videos – Halo Reach Game Play – – Crysis 2 Game Play – – Assassins Creed Brotherhood Game Play – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Game Play – Call of Duty: Black Ops Game Play (Including Zombies) – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Game Play (When Released) – Battlefield 3 Game Play (When Released) – Assassins Creed Revelations Game Play (When Released) – Halo 4 – Walkthrough & Game Play (When Released) Rate, Comment and Subscribe! More Videos Uploaded Daily.

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  2. What if you have lost Delphine because you went some where else and have checked the Inn?

  3. If you learn the fireball spell (scroll of fireball, or buy it) fireball a dead dragon. It’s carcass will fly all over the map; its crazy funny.

  4. Yay I KNOW RIGHT! <3



    hehe <3

  8. We are family da na na na na …….(finish it Lewis!)

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