PS4 Will Be More About Improved Functionality Than Hardware Specs
PS4 Will Be More About Improved Functionality Than Hardware Specs

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the next PlayStation’s hardware and controllers and technical ability as we approach the marked date of February 20th when Sony is set to announce the PS4 to the world. However one Sony official who shall remain nameless has said that there is greater focus being put on what the console does for you rather than what it is capable of doing in a tech demo.

It is rumoured that it will function as more of an entertainment hub than ever before with the vision being that it will become your home entertainment “nerve centre”. According to the Nikkei, the main selling point will be how the console opens up new styles of play rather than the new hardware specs it boasts.

There’s particular emphasis on connecting and sharing to mobile devices and we already see a bit of this on Sony’s crossplay functionality between PS3 and PS Vita. The idea will likely be more widespread on PS4.

Of course it’s all rumours and chances are we could get the very powerful PS4 that also does all these other things too.


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