Killzone 4 Might Launch With The PS4 Later This Year
Killzone 4 Might Launch With The PS4 Later This Year

Nine more days. That’s how long we’re being forced to wait for Sony’s super-secret event to take place, more commonly known as “We Know It’s The PS4 Reveal” Event. Oh holy hell I hope I’m not wrong about that, wouldn’t want to look like a fool or something. Anyway, while we wait the rumour mill keeps churning out more and more information for us to wonder about and this time its spit out something rather interesting.

According to a source close to, Killzone 4 will be releasing at the end of this year, on none other than the next-generation PlayStation.

“Killzone 4 will release later this year on Sony’s next-generation PlayStation.”

I just said that, didn’t I? Anyway, the source goes even further, suggesting KIllzone 4 will actually be a launch title for Sony’s new hardware, which would make me a very happy man.

Dutch developers Guerrilla Games have already said they are hard at work on another Killzone title as well as a new IP. The British wing of Guerrilla is currently hard at work on Killzone: Mercenary for the PS Vita, which is launching in September this year.

Rumour or not, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Killzone 4 leads the launch title exclusives for the next PlayStation. Whether or not we hear about it on the 20th is another story.


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