IGN News – Microsoft Will Pay You to Play Halo 4
IGN News – Microsoft Will Pay You to Play Halo 4

Click here for our FULL multiplayer map walkthrough bit.ly Called the Halo 4 Combat Tour Offer, Microsoft will offer 10000000 Points in total throughout the month, awarded to players based on how much time theyve spent playing the game. full story here www.ign.com Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: www.youtube.com IGN News: Microsoft Will Pay You to Play Halo 4

  1. Yeah Microsoft also paid IGN

  2. So now what? Where do we get the MS Points?

  3. WTF! i didnt get shit and i played quite a lot

  4. is this even true

  5. Then tell me how it is ironic. Enlighten me, if you will.

  6. The fact that you can’t see it makes this even more hilarious.

  7. Oh the irony of lack of irony

  8. Oh right, I forgot. Your whole channel was made as a satire of that typical ‚know-it-all‘ fanboy. I keep forgetting.

  9. pfffffffffffft

  10. Oh the irony.

  11. I love how you call yourself ‚intelligent‘ and yet you don’t know a joke when you see one.

  12. There is no game bearing that title — your mind is warped.

  13. Yeah, dont worry, I don`t get you wrong haha 🙂 and it´s true what you say hahaha and finally I would get bored of playing HALO so much 😛 but yeah, I mean, at least is something for the people who can´t work 🙂

  14. …..0:10 I’m listening?

  15. Thats exactly the same game as carl on duty. 😀

  16. I am currently play Call of Duty: Black Ops II — there is no game bearing the title that you mentioned.

  17. you are playing it, and a fanboy of it. 😉

  18. There is no game bearing such a title.

  19. wow.. $7.45 for 140 hours? That seems like a whole bunch of time wasted for such a small amount..

  20. google it, you might find it familiar.

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