Halo 4 News – Pre-Order Bonuses: Web, Deadeye, Artic, Forest, Raptor and Pluse Skins!!!
Halo 4 News – Pre-Order Bonuses: Web, Deadeye, Artic, Forest, Raptor and Pluse Skins!!!

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  1. I have 2 extra locus helmet codes, a female fotus avatar armor code and a female LE avatar armor code that I will trade for ms points or other halo 4 armor codes. If you are interested in trading please email me at packafan64@aim.com

  2. h4 news, ahh those were the days

  3. I have some Dew XP codes that I would like to trade for Pre-Order bonus codes (other than the EB Games/Gamestop codes). Contact jovechkin8@gmail.com for more info.

  4. Looking to get any Halo 4 armour codes , will trade FOTUS avatar armor for some. If you have a good offer I might trade FOTUS armour for it. Add my gamer tag: Bigdaddycool916

  5. I have locus helmet code looking for dead eye helmet code if interested message me on xboxlive DE Dase117

  6. what about locus?

  7. Im looking for a code trade I’m offering a Hazop FRST skin armor and a locust helmet for any other armor code

  8. Spider man is gonna sue someone.

  9. whoever send you the message ask them to send it again

  10. what do i do
    please help me

  11. i had pre orded halo 4 but my mom deleted the message so i cant get my skins armor

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