Game-News | Over 100 million Skylanders toys sold
Game-News | Over 100 million Skylanders toys sold

Activision reveals new sales milestone for real-world toys sold in the United States since launch in 2011.


Over 100 million Skylanders toys have been sold across the United States, Activision announced at the Toy Fair 2013 this week (via Destructoid). In total, the franchise has generated over $ 500 million since launch in 2011.

The Skylanders series was created by Activision subsidiary Toys For Bob, which developed the original Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure and its sequel Skylanders Giants.

A third entry in the franchise, called Skylanders: Swap Force, is due out this fall from Vicarious Visions. As its name suggests, Swap Force will feature toys whose tops and bottoms are interchangeable.

Activision will have competition in the „toys to life“ space this summer when Disney launches the first of its yearly Disney Infinity installments. Activision is unfazed by Disney’s entry into the market, saying it is confident Skylanders will remain the top-selling game.

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