Game-News | L.A. Noire gag reel released
Game-News | L.A. Noire gag reel released

Face-scanning company Depth Analysis releases blooper reel from Rockstar Games‘ 2011 detective game.


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Depth Analysis, the company behind the MotionScan face-scanning technology that brought L.A. Noire characters to life, has released a gag reel video showing the game’s characters like never before.

Posted to the company’s website (and embedded below), the five-minute video was put together by Depth Analysis staffer Sam Henman and features outtakes and bloopers from the MotionScan recording process.

L.A. Noire was developed by Team Bondi for Rockstar Games and released in May 2011. It garnered a positive critical reception and shipped 4 million units. A sequel is a possibility.

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