Forza Horizon Lets Play – NEVER GIVE UP!!! – Episode 22 (HD)
Forza Horizon Lets Play – NEVER GIVE UP!!! – Episode 22 (HD)

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  1. why „fort-zah“? I say „four-zah“

  2. In the american muscle cars don’t accelerate until you have straightened the car out then it won’t slide.

  3. Your cars turning to the left because your controllar needs to be turned to the middle on the controllar menu.

  4. Do PR stunts to get discounts. Each outpost have different outposts.

  5. I just hit the lambo into the other cars and i won by 10 seconds

  6. U need shift down when u brake

  7. you are pretty shit

  8. Thanks

  9. Its coming haha, Ive been super busy with the new series and Forza 150 and the montage. I promise you will get at least 1 episode next week!!

  10. Go to an outpost press the start button and do PR stunts

  11. The last PR event at every outpost should either be called chain drifting or high-speed-near-misses.

  12. when ur at one f the outposts it says the name of the outpost and then underneath there is a select button thing to enter it and then go to PR stunts then complete them and you will egt discount

  13. Play dirt 3

  14. Hey Nick what is your fav muscle car?

  15. To get the discounts go to the outposts and go in and go to the PR Stunts and do those. I think there are 30 in all and 3 at each outpost

  16. That was actually exciting!

  17. I guess this wasn’t a fair win but at least you did it 🙂 and who cares? its na A.I. xD

  18. You have to do PR Stunts at the Outposts, when you enter na Outpost choose PR Stunts and start completing them to get discounts at each specific outpost, good luck 🙂

  19. I really think you should of chosen a lower class car and then get it to A class, i think its better that way, my opinion of course :P

  20. Never about the Ferrai.I thought u got rid of it.

  21. What happened to the Ferrrai u had?

  22. nick try taking off in 2nd gear

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