Forza Horizon Demo – How To Free Roam with Viper SRT – HD Gameplay
Forza Horizon Demo – How To Free Roam with Viper SRT – HD Gameplay

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  1. you could just buy the game.

  2. Oh yeah, with matte paint, custom rims, etc.

  3. you cant thats why i said you are STUCK in auto with assist on.

  4. change it in the pause menu

  5. I didn’t miss it 😀

  6. ya but then your stuck on automatic with all the assist on which i guess for some people is fin but i find it so boring.

  7. Is there any word on customizing your car?

  8. just to let you know the road you were saying you could „free roam“ on is a road you can drive on in the demo.

  9. Any way to tell the girl saying ‚Turn around, when it is safe, to do so‘?

  10. I derped, why didnt I think of this.

  11. Lol i’m the 69th viewer

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