Fanboy Wars: Nintendo Versus The World
Fanboy Wars: Nintendo Versus The World

We’ll call this one ‘The Nostalgia Wars’.

Let’s do something different for my media slot this Friday morning.

You’re all probably still recovering from the exertions (or lack thereof) of yesterday, and you probably want to just chill out for a bit, right? Well you can’t, because life doesn’t work that way. But don’t worry, life works in a very specific way that is going to get you out of this mood and get you pumped up and ready for anything.

Behold, an image posted on the Videogames Memebase a few days ago, by an obvious Nintendo fan.


Aaaaaand, here’s the inevitable response to that blatant fanboyism, only this time using games that are exactly not what you see above; that is to say, games that are not developed by Nintendo.


Okay, time for a good old fashioned fanboy war. Which do you agree with and why? Go.


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