Cosplay Music Videos – Eurogamer – Cosplay Music Video
Cosplay Music Videos – Eurogamer – Cosplay Music Video

Eurogamer – Cosplay Music Video. 2012 Eurogamer Expo was a chance for us to play some new upcoming games – like Halo 4, Dishonored, Aliens Colonial Marines, Tomb Raider, FarCry, Hitman and many more. It was also the chance to catch up with some awesome cosplayers so we took the opportunity to make this little video – Hope you lot enjoy 😀 See more about Eurogamer here: Twitter: From the thumbnail: Lollipop Chainsaw photo from Model – https Nun ( ) & Tomb Raider ( ) from Check out Gemucom this April – http UK Cosplay Facebook group. : Flycam 5000 from Chat with us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Song by Tim McMorris „Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly“

  1. What is this song??

  2. Yes, yes she is.

  3. is the girl in green with braids cammy from streetfighter?

  4. This just makes me feel soo good! Last year was great lets hope for another good one!

  5. Cool game costumes. 

  6. Awesome Time-Remap job!

  7. Сук хитман какойто маленький xD

  8. Nice. Hope it’s not muted/blocked!

  9. Top quality video this 🙂 not just cos it has a load of my friends in it 🙂

  10. deadpool encounter another deadpool
    what could be better for a video? XD

  11. tanks :D

  12. Tim McMorris „Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly“

  13. sorry for my ignorance but what the entire name of the song?

  14. 0:04- This is going to be an awesome video.

  15. chainsaw lollypop IRL XD

  16. Tim McMorris – we used his Superhero track for another video and he just makes awesome uplifting tracks.

  17. how do you find such good songs to go with your videos?

  18. thank you aha

  19. They are from Hitman The saints they are called XD

  20. wat is the music that is in the video ?

  21. From which game are the 3 nun looking girls dressed in black from?

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