Concept Art Emerges For Another Cancelled Sony Game
Concept Art Emerges For Another Cancelled Sony Game

Sony does seem to have cancelled an awful lot of games that were destined for PS3 at some point during the console’s life-cycle. Many just disappeared without any real reason. The latest one for us to hear about is one that we never really knew existed and it was some Heist themed IP similar to The Getaway: Black Monday I suppose.

It was in the very early stages at Sony Liverpool which was closed down last year. The studio is also well known for its Wipeout franchise. What this game is remains a mystery and is anyone’s guess but I’d say it’s essentially a caper game rather than a caper film.

It may have good and possibly different if the game was actually set in Liverpool and the protagonists all had heavy scouse accents. It would be even more entertaining if there were Liverpool FC player skins for the main characters so instead of Bill, Jamie and Micky you could play as Luis Suarez, Steven Gerrard and Stewart Downing.


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