BET YOU YAWNED! (11.3.12 – Day 1283)
BET YOU YAWNED! (11.3.12 – Day 1283)

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  1. 6 times lol

  2. I yawned 3 times

  3. I yawned 7 times lol

  4. I yawned once XD

  5. Da faq i yawned then read that title and i was like MIND=BLOWN

  6. I yawned 4 times… Stop controlling us!!

  7. I didn’t yawn at all! Haha.

  8. 3 times

  9. I yawned 14 times FREAKING 14 TIMES

  10. just by read the freaking title I yawned

  11. no yawns… haha mystery sauce? its chili oil.

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