007 Legends of the Wii U – 007 Legends Wii U Walkthrough / Gameplay w/ SSoHPKC Part 19 – Jaws of Life
007 Legends of the Wii U – 007 Legends Wii U Walkthrough / Gameplay w/ SSoHPKC Part 19 – Jaws of Life

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  1. James: smile you son of a bitch
    (during the jaws boss fight that would have been brilliant)

  2. @christianitymustfall Why don’t you just shoot him now? I’ll get a gun and we can shoot together! BANG! It’ll be fun :-D.

  3. You just don’t get it, do you Scott?

  4. yup a woman’s value in a fight to be a distraction and get caught

  5. Hey guys I know u see this alot but if I could get a few of u to check out my channel I would love it. I am new to YouTube and am looking to play a variety of walkthroughs and online games I would love some advice so if u could check out a couple of my videos I would love it thanks

  6. I think Goodhead has a nice body. What I don’t get is why the heck didn’t Jaws just kill them.

  7. yeah i know but i havent changed my pic since i made my yt account :/

  8. ive been running into so manny people with the same pic…

  9. Is that a fucking 2 terabyte flashdrive? Its huge

  10. more like jaws of death?

  11. don’t worry done the exact same thing and then was confused by the video

  12. u subed zackscott!!! people if u want to see go on his channel

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