★ Halo 4 News – New Forge Map Impact (In Outer-Space)!!!
★ Halo 4 News – New Forge Map Impact (In Outer-Space)!!!

In this Gamespot exclusive we are given our first look at the second out of three Halo 4 forge environments, the outer-space Impact environment. Stay tuned for my full analysis video 😀 Source: www.youtube.com Please Subscribe 😀 ——————————————————————————————————– If you have any new information…. Please send it in a Personal Message 😀 ——————————————————————————————————– Halo 4 info: www.ReadyUpLive.com http simplyimplicit.wordpress.com www.halo4tips.org haloallday.blogspot.com ——————————————————————————————————– Visit The Store: ducain23.spreadshirt.com Like my Facebook: www.facebook.com My Twitter Page: twitter.com Twitch (live stream): www.twitch.tv Go and Join ReadyUpLive: www.readyuplive.com ——————————————————————————————————– „Halo 4 News – New Forge Map „Impact“ (In Outer-Space)!!!“ was created under Microsoft’s „Game Content Usage Rules“ using assets from Halo Reach, © Microsoft Corporation. Game Content and Usage Rules Link: www.xbox.com Tags: yt:quality=high Halo 4 343 industries Railgun New Weapon ducain23 Xbox 360 Xbox360 Live FPS First 1st first-person Person Shooter Spartan Covenant Elite Arbiter Pistol Magnum Assualt Rifle Grenade Launcher Rocket DMR Orbital Launch Target Sniper

  1. Where can I get this?

  2. A New Mombassa ODST style map would be really cool.

  3. This is all I wanted from Forge!

  4. I want to see a destroyed like forge map, like the sky is orange and somkey. Trees are on fire, buildings are destroyed. Something like that

  5. The only reason is there 10 is because they don’t want you to get out if controll so the map stays like a „map.“

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  7. they better let you be able to put down asteroids. i can see asteroids playing a HUGE part on this map.

  8. yep and now we just need little biger map

  9. it will make my dead space map epic ^^

  10. it not so bad we have epic lighting now ^^

  11. It’ll be like Rainbow Road without the rainbows.

  12. imma racer like you duncain

  13. it reminds me of polis masa from battlefront 2

  14. I hate CoD and halo fanboy fights its dumb theres no point im not saying you are but WUMBOS is


  16. I just personally do not like it, if the warthog physics aren’t total shit anymore then I can see myself using it a lot more 🙂

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