XCOM UFO:1 Setup
XCOM UFO:1 Setup

XCOM UFO Defense Enemy Unknown I’ll be uploading a series of recorded gameplay (edited) showing my attempt to beat the game as quickly as possible without cheating plus exposing tricks and tactics I have developed over the years (yes years) of playing the game. In 2007 it was selected as best PC game of all time by the staff of IGN. I never tire from playing it and there is always some tech guy out there making a way to keep playing it on faster and faster machines. I’ll be focusing on early mind control and accomplishing the final mission without bringing ANY WEAPONS, only PSI-AMPS. If you enjoy strategy and tactical turn based games or movies like District 9 I recommend this game STILL SOLD TODAY at places like Steam. Tell me that isn’t impressive considering that it was released in 1993. My posts will include my editing music that fits the game: electronic, sci-fi, creepy, suspense, dark drones and many more influences. Unfortunately no combat in this video, that will come shortly. Comments including how fast you beat the game are welcome. Be sure to visit xcomufo.com and projectxenocide.com

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  1. You sir are an Expert XCOM UFO interceptor.. This game was and is epic.

  2. Listen to that beeping noise when you make a selction in the menu, did Capcom steal that for Resident Evil? 😛

  3. The Steam version actually runs it in the Dosbox for you. You don’t have to set it up yourself.

  4. ahh I mixed this with WH40K Chaos Gate that had the useless running mode I never used… this didn’t have run mode at all, my bad lol

  5. how do i set them to running mode then?

  6. Thank you. Just bought the Steam collection and was utterly lost – I’d forgotten games didn’t always start with tutorials.

  7. well you could get it on steam but it wont be the collectors edition that he is using ( im not aware of any difference but i know one exists ) its for like 5 dollars and if you get the whole collection ( all of the games ) its 15 and you save 10 $… plus if you get it on steam you dont have to emulate it or anything… bye bye Dosbox

  8. How much is this

  9. Oh man, this looks so complicated. 😀

  10. Hi there Just purchased X-Com:UFO Defense on Steam and when I click play DOSbox starts up as usual but then it’s just a black screen, I hear some sounds of what may be the intro movie or menu music but I’m not sure, and after a while it’s just a silent black screen.
    I’ve checked a thread on another forum ‚possibly the best way to instal xcom ufo defence‘ and unfortunately I can’t make much sense of that either

  11. I never understood why running took less action points than walking in this game. First thing I always did was set all guys to running mode as walking was useless.

  12. btw, i removed the files like you showed and the music still played in game. i then tried to rename the file „MUSIC“ to „MUSIC1“ and ran the game, bam no music! 😀 I get to listen to other music now! TY!

  13. visit xcomufo dot com and under the UFO tab, music has the two tracks I created. Enjoy!

  14. visit xcomufo dot com and under the UFO tab, music has the two tracks I created. Enjoy!

  15. Any chance of getting copies of your midi files for my game?

  16. wheres the music download

  17. I can’t get this to run on my CPU. Maybe Windows 7 is just being fussy, but when I try to open it, I just get a black screen with sound, and then the game crashes. 🙁

  18. Bah! I only load saves to recover from the game crashing. Well, mostly. Sometimes I get really mad and load a save, but I try to avoid that. It’s more fun if you just role with the punches.

  19. Alfa? its Alpha….. lol, sorry had to point that out…
    but amazing gameplay dude! do u have a tutorial movie for what to look for in soldiers?

  20. Oh that makes sense! haha

  21. To modify any type of windowed settings, just open up the ‚dosbox.conf‘ file (located in the same folder as the dosbox.exe file) with Notepad, and make the necessary edits. Change ‚fullscreen=true‘ to ‚fullscreen=false‘. This will start the game in windowed mode as soon as you double-click the dosbox executable. If you want to increase the size of the window, then find the ’scaler‘ entry in the dosbox.conf file and put in the following: ’scaler=advinterp3x‘. More info, see the dosbox website

  22. To play the game without running steam, you’ll have to go to the Steam folder: ‚Progam FilesSteamsteamappscommon‘. Here you’ll find your steam games, so open the ‚xcom ufo defense‘ folder. The game is run within Dosbox, so you can use it on newer computers without issues. Simply double-click on ‚dosbox.exe‘ to start the game. That’s it! Enjoy 🙂

  23. Thanks for the vid! Absolutely LOVE this game 🙂 I recently started playing this again, after finding it on Steam. For those of you looking for the game, just go to steam, and they have the entire X-Com series available for a mere $15 (only $3/game!)

    My next comment here is for all of you who downloaded it from Steam, and don’t necessarily want to have Steam running in order to play the game. Also, I’ll show you how to run the game in windowed mode from the start (no need for Alt-Enter)

  24. Being a fan of this X-com, (beaten it probably 6-7 times)
    I have to tell you guys about a strange Easter egg, or glitch in the game I once encountered (using the playstation version).While playing on Veteran mode, I left my game on overnight during a terror-city mission.The following morning,there was some junk laid on top of my controller from my mom cleaning up (controller was upside down, with some random button being pressed and held all night). All my characters had the name“Julion Gollop“

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