Top 5 Facebook Moments Of The Week | 13 Jan — 19 Jan
Top 5 Facebook Moments Of The Week | 13 Jan — 19 Jan

There’s not much to say about this week so in order to fill some space I’ll type the rest in hexadecimal. *edit* Hexadecimal didn’t work out.

Here’s this week Facebook 5 straight off the eGamer page.


5 — The Unholy Trinity

What would happen if Azhar, Adam and myself were to perform some sort of three-way Dragon Ball Z fusion? Apparently the resultant being would be known as [YODO]AZHARADAM786 as spotted by Bracken Lee-Rudolph on PSN. Perhaps it’s for the best that the three of us never join forces with a potential like that.

Link to thread.

4 — Adventure Time

If Suda51 had to devise a TV show, it would be Adventure Time. A cartoon so laced with LSD that your head hurts if you watch a few episodes in quick succession. This is a more sober and adult imagining of the characters, it just isn’t the same.

Link to thread.

3 — Iron Woman

Someone’s been whipping up female versions of the Avengers and thus far we’ve Alison Brie as Captain America, Amber Heard as Thor and now there’s Sandra Bullock as Iron Woman. Probably not the best fit but hey, it could be worse. Imagine Julia Roberts as Iron Woman.

Link to thread.

2 — This Isn’t A Car

Things get awkward when you ask Superman for a ride home.

Link to thread.

1 — Fooling Your Kids

Kids are a wonderful thing, except when they get between you and your gaming. However, there’s a simple solution that lets you play your game in peace with the knowledge that your kids are safe and let’s be honest, soundproofing a small room is worth the expenses. Or you could do this I suppose.

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