THQ’s Assets Will Be Sold Off Individually
THQ’s Assets Will Be Sold Off Individually

THQ is in a sad state at present, to put things rather lightly. The publisher of franchises such as Saints Row, Darksiders and WWE is in serious financial trouble and it was decided in court that THQ’s assets would be sold individually to whoever may be interested.

Business week reports that the judge overseeing THQ’s bankruptcy case ruled against the company in favour of the US trustees and creditors. You see, THQ wanted a quick sale  of the company to Cearlake Capital Group LP for at least $ 60 million with a short window for any other interested investors to make bids. However, it was argued that this was not enough time nor was the method of sale preferable so it has now been decided that THQ’s assets will be sold individually over a week period starting January 22nd.

Clearlake Capital will thus auction off each of THQ’s assets to the highest bidder with rumours suggesting EA is amongst those interested investors. Which franchise could they have their eye on?

In the meantime THQ works away at their games while all the financial stuff transpires around them.


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