The DanQ Review – Supershow – Resident Evil 6, Dishonored
The DanQ Review – Supershow – Resident Evil 6, Dishonored

The DanQ Review Supershow Resident Evil 6 Dishonored Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Merch:

  1. Dan plzzzzz do Xcom enemy unknown

  2. dan u should do xcom

  3. BaconStrips&
    BaconStrips. (Bacon Is Really Good With Eggs Right?. LIKE A BOSS) :)

  4. Haven’t played Resi 6, but love playing Dishonoured. There’s so many different ways to play the game, on one playthrough you can be all steathy and humane (by not killing anyone), on another you can go psycho killler with guns/blades blazing. In many ways it’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution, only with everything done slightly better in every department (ie Graphics, Sound, and Gameplay).

  5. Dan your right everyone wants the old resident evil game but its better now I dnt know qhy they dont understand

  6. lmfao in dishonoured i was trying to be stealthy until one of the guards said I was lucky that he wasnt there .. so jumped out the building and walked through the front door and killed all 43 guards LMFAO ………………… bitch !!

  7. no. That book just holds the info for the game that I put in the summary (platform, genre, developer and publisher). And that’s all. This isn’t scripted.

  8. Its info on the games he is reviewing not a script

  9. Was that a script? 1:16

  10. I’m pretty sure he said he gets PS3 games because of the exclusive stuff, which I believe it’s an artwork on the inside of the game’s case, and it actually doesn’t really matter whether it’s on the PS3 or Xbox360 lol

  11. Mercenaries has been a big part of Resi since 4

  12. Look. A game doesnt have to have cons for it not to be perfect. Theres an enjoyment factor and many other minor things that I didnt feel is worth mentioning.

  13. why did he get dishonored for ps3??

  14. it wasn’t perfect but it had no cons??

  15. You actually look a bit like nolan north :)

  16. EPIC MEAL TIME t-shirt XD

  17. I’m just waiting for Aliens colonial marines, horror and action baby!

  18. Re6 is epic in my opinion…

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