Preview: Dead Space 3
Preview: Dead Space 3

Oh look, another addition to the action third-person shooter genre. Oh look, it’s actually the third game in a series. Oh look, it’s Dead Space.

Dead Space 3 is the sequel to Dead Space 2, which follows the life of Isaac Clarke and Earthgov Sergeant John Carver. The idea behind Dead Space 3 is to finally stop the Necromorphs, where to do so, the dynamic-duo will need to explore the frozen planet of Tau Volantis.

Allegedly, there’s a secret on the planet which, when revealed, will end the Necromorph plague forever. It seems easy enough, right? Wrong.

Dead Space 3 is said to offer various obstacles, such as avalanches, ice-climbs, a violent wilderness, and obviously, shooting. Lots and lots of shooting. Not to mention, all of this comes alongside surviving a crash-landing on the aforementioned frozen planet.

In short, if Isaac Clarke and John Carver fail their mission, the world is doomed. Welcome Necromorphs, welcome apocalypse.

Name: Dead Space 3
Genre: Action, Third-Person Shooter
Players: 1-2 (Co-Op)
Platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Developers: Visceral Games
Publishers: Electronic Arts
Release Date: 08 February, 2013
Price: R359 (PC); R539 (Console)


Luckily, fate seems to be on your side. Isaac Clarke is a MacGyver-like engineer who can make survival tools and weapons from mere raw materials. Scavenged parts has never been so useful.

With that in mind, Dead Space 3 is aimed at offering completely customised weapons for the player. All weapons will be crafted to perfection to eliminate the Necromorphs. You’re allowed to craft as many, and share as many weapon variations as you want.

By collecting parts, the player will be able to create weapons, where an upgraded weapons building system, called Weapons Bench, will be available in the new game. Every resource can be collected, where it can then be used as a tool for battle, and this includes plasma cutters, javelin guns and flamethrowers. You know, things that can be made from parts merely lying around.

Once you’ve created your weapon, you will be able to share it with your friends. Because they too will need to survive the frozen world.


On that note, Dead Space 3 is planning to offer easy-access co-op. Co-op will uncover additional story elements, cut-scenes and battles. The idea behind this is to allow players to immerse themselves in a single-player campaign where they can then extend their enjoyment with a friend in co-op.

Each player will take on a character, Isaac Clarke or John Carver. While the history of Clarke is quite known, from two games, Carver is new. The Earthgov Sergeant has a complex history which will be revealed in the co-op campaign.

As mentioned, the co-op offering will allow for extended enjoyment, where certain scenarios will occur separately. In Dead Space 3′s co-op, some parts of the game will have each character in a different state of mind, where they will need to work together to reunite, or save one another.

To make co-op even easier and more efficient, Visceral Games has added a “drop in, drop out” system which allows a friend to join and leave at any checkpoint in the game. With this functionality, you will never need to backtrack or play catch-up.


The story of Dead Space 3 continues two months after escaping the Sprawl, where Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford meet John Carver. Upon trying to land on Tau Volantis, the ship crashes where Ellie is, obviously, separated from the two main characters. Isaac Clarke, being the wonderful person he is, decides that he will not only stop the enemy but also save Ellie.

The enemy, known as the Necromorphs, will provide a much needed challenge for the characters. While they are simply human corpses which have been reanimated by an “alien virus”, there are different forms such as the giant insect-esque Nexus, the Wasters and more. A new enemy known as the Unitologist Soldiers will also make their debut. Because the Necromorphs are actually alien-zombies, they can only be killed by being dismembered. And, that means, removing their limbs.

Helping players through the game, and making its return, is the Resource Integration Gear (RIG) suit which offers holographic displays for health and ammo. In vacuum areas — you’re in outer-space, expect this — a timer will appear to remind you just how much oxygen you have left. Essentially, it’s a suit that’s going to save your life, for the third time. Along with old comes new, as Visceral has included a brand new cover system that allows the characters to roll and take cover to avoid attacks.

Dead Space 3 will release on 8 February, 2013, on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


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