NextBox Will Have Skype Instead Of Regular Voice Chat
NextBox Will Have Skype Instead Of Regular Voice Chat

Microsoft is all about consolidation of late and they’re trying to get their products to span as many devices as possible, where we have Windows 8 as a viable offering for regular PCs as well as smartphones and tablets.

Soon this will permeate to Skype as well, after reports that the online VoIP software will be centred around various communication technologies from the Microsoft stable.

According to an inside source, Microsoft will be “consolidating all their communications technology” around the Skype platform, which means that Skype will become the default chat service on the next generation of Xbox as well as on PC and tablets. “You might jump to the conclusion that we’ll see asynchronous voice and video messages in next-gen Xbox Live.”

As long as I keep my achievements…

Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011 for $ 8.5 billion, which is effectively the company’s largest acquisition in its forty years, leading to a Skype division being opened up within Microsoft, headed up by former Skype chief executive Tony Bates.

With the closure of instant message chat service MSN, to be replaced by Skype’s messaging tool, it’s clear that Microsoft isn’t going to let all of those dollars go to waste and soon we will see a lot more Skype, hopefully less intrusive than the current iteration, in our lives.

This should come as no surprise to any who have been keeping a keen eye on news, though. After all, it was revealed a while ago now, that Microsft had put out a job advertisement seeking a user interface designer for the “next gen Xbox” with location being the UK-based Skype offices. “The team you’ll join is responsible for Skype in the living room (broadly the home), across various devices but with a focus on the large screen and the next generation of Xbox,” reads the ad.


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