NBA 2K13 – Dream Team Vs. Team USA | SIMULATION
NBA 2K13 – Dream Team Vs. Team USA | SIMULATION

Simulation between the 1991/1992 Dream Team and today’s Team USA Hall of Fame difficulty, 12 minute quarters. Recorder from the PC version of the NBA 2K13 game using FRAPS. No sliders were adjusted. Love this game! Thanks for watching, Judge Add me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter Add me on Skype: iJudgeX

  1. Jordan would be the JORDAN player of the game key clew his last name

  2. if this were legit kobe and jordan would just go 1 on 1 the whole damn time

  3. Why do some people think Hall of Fame is the most realistic difficulty. Its not, there’s a CPU advantage! The CPU is given slider boosts to make the game harder.

  4. players look like shit

  5. I should try this to, I never tried it on this game..

  6. Michael Jordan was the Jordan player the game…ironic

  7. You dont wanna drive when theres Patrick Ewing and Robertson There Lol.

  8. the dream team will dominate in real life

  9. alll kobe does ball hogs i cant watch anymore:(

  10. Horrible Defense Bye usa so far 2nd quarter

  11. ole skool beats new skool

  12. lebron was passing the ball to much he should have just drove to the paint that is why they lost

  13. Good game, Kobe was on lock, if dey had Howard the game would’ve went to team USA

  14. Kobes % was horrible at the end of the game, if he had done more they would have probably won

  15. Michael Jordan abused Kobe in this game i think it made kobes offence suffer …let LeBron hold him

  16. I didn’t watch the whole vid who won? dream team! should

  17. sure thing little dawg

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