NBA 2K13 – Combo Moves Tutorial (Using Spin Fake)
NBA 2K13 – Combo Moves Tutorial (Using Spin Fake)

NBA 2K13 Combo moves are some of the best money moves in the game. This combo move tutorial will show you how to do some of them using the spin fake. You can combo the spin fake into moves such as the up and under and step through layup animations. For pro tips and forums join

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  1. Tutorial: hold down LT and RT (L2 & R2) and spin the right stick, then hold the right stick down after the fake is done.

  2. cheese

  3. Do you hold both L2 &R2 or L1

  4. not gonna lie this video pissed me off…. seriously type down what buttons you used in description, so i could go straight to in the game, instead you pretty much just did a preview to show it. honestly not a good tutorial.

  5. oj mayo is flawless with this move, thanks for the vid

  6. What program you use to make this cool videos

  7. It’s NOT CHEESINESS is part of the game rondo dos it every game. Thanks for the tip, any chance you have more plays to use against the zones? I like the Phil triangle offense plays.

  8. Most beautiful move in a game, keep up the good work

  9. The move works great

  10. cheesin ass move

  11. LB is L1 on PS3 , left shoulder button

  12. This is so CHEESY OMG!!!! Thanks for making the game worse than it already is

  13. Cheese


  15. LB? i cant find that

  16. Im at work and can’t hear the audio. Do you say how to do this?

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