Medal of Honor Warfighter Point man Class (Top Tier Class)
Medal of Honor Warfighter Point man Class (Top Tier Class)

Be My stalker and follow me on twitter 😉 A TDM Sarajevo Stadium using the AK103. On this video, were going to be talking about the point man class and what makes him so good. If you enjoyed to video, please do rate, comment, and subscribe for more.

  1. Navy Seals spec ops for me, but I love using Pointman for campers like you said. It’s also nice for bringing down those lucky dudes who seem to survive a full clip and kill you. Put some hp rounds in his ass and that’ll sort him out.

  2. Hes a beast. And thanks bro

  3. Nice vid man. Love the PM class.

  4. its such a shame and I thought they may have wanted to be different especially after 2010, do they not learn anything!! shame but lets hope BO2 is good and I cant wait for Far Cry 3

  5. I think everybody was like that at first. It would be hard not to. Seeing as it has lots of bugs and glitches. But after you put some time to it its a really good game

  6. i’m not sure how long i will be playing this game if it does not get supported. I don’t want to have to put up with all that bs like moh2010 had. Lack of support i mean



  9. dam shame about this game, I love the series this and 2010 especially but it looks like its going the same way as 2010. I will still be playing this game as if you give it a chance then it really does become very rewarding. Its not got the ease and pick up and play style of cod but its pretty sweet if you give it a chance

  10. Whats AMB! You are the beast. I enjoy your videos bro. I will definately run this class after watching this video. I want to be honest I hated this game when I first picked it up. But the more I gave it a chance the more I have enjoyed it. Bro keep up the good work!

  11. You must be smoking even more then me lol. I have ran just as fast spec ops with the point man class. But its like i said it all depends on how you have your guns customized. Yea the demolition class is just kinda made to PTFO

  12. You most be smoking AMB don’t compare the speed of point man to spec ops,the spec ops can fly,I love the point man but it guns have so much recoil,I hate the demolition class,it guns have no range,

  13. Bro i don’t even play moh2010 no more. It kept freezing my ps3. So i don’t want to risk my new ps3 for that game. But i will be posting some bf3 and black ops 2 wen it comes out. So its up to you have you want to stay around or not.

  14. I think from where its a secondary they did not want to add attachments for it. But that would have been nice tho

  15. Glad your staying around man. Thanks bro

  16. You should post up some moh 2010..I’m getting tired of warfighter videos….but good commentary

  17. I have an 870 in real life, got a choke tube on it and that increases the range a lot, that would be a good shotgun attachment

  18. Nice video my friend numbah2100 told me bout you and i subscribed

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