Madden 13 – Quarter Pounder Connected Careers Series EP 2
Madden 13 – Quarter Pounder Connected Careers Series EP 2

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  1. can u be a centre?

  2. You cant play as an o-line man

  3. Nadas What Camera angle do you use?

  4. I made a guy named Big Mac

  5. why doesn’t he put qp in o line

  6. What do you edit with?

  7. I’ve always wanted to make a 400 pound wide receiver/ halfback that is a speedster xD

  8. Mathews going nowhere as usual…sigh.

  9. Do some more mut13

  10. Madden always makes MJD look like a skinny wide receiver. He’s not fat, but they need to make him have more muscle.

  11. QP is cool. I wish he was on the lions with Sue. Like irl the the lions D would be better.

  12. John Randle is/was the man! Love that guy.

  13. Yeah the Purple Pants are Alt only, they only wear them 1-2 times a year at most, and not once this season. They need to take them off of default cause it drives me nuts in online games.

  14. Me too!

  15. Hate to break it to you, but treating these characters and teams as if they are real is kinda the entire premise of my whole channel, just sayin.

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