Kickstarter Did Wonders For Videogames In 2012
Kickstarter Did Wonders For Videogames In 2012

Kickstarter had a great 2012, there’s not doubt about that. Apart from becoming a huge development asset, the site was able to successfully crowd-fund products which we’re really looking forward to. In fact, the site sort of allows the market to move away from conventional developer-publisher relationships, which can often taint a game due to money-making needs. For example, paid-for DLC is more a publisher perk than a developer idea.

With Kickstarter allowing developers to have their own freedom, and to create their own games without interference, things are bound to change. And change they will.

Let’s have a look at 2012′s Kickstarter statistics.

The site saw 18,000 projects, in total, backed by 2,2 million contributors. Videogames received the most funding with $ 83 million of $ 320 million going towards the sector, from 561,000 backers across 2,796 projects.

Games on Kickstarter saw a 30 percent success rate, where 911 projects reached their funding target. That’s 911 new games we’re about to see.

The Ouya was the strongest performer, as it received over $ 8,5 million, when it only asked for $ 950,000.

Following the Ouya was Obsidian’s Project Eternity which received $ 3,987 million, and Reaper Miniatures Bones which raised $ 3,429 million. Tim Schafer’s Double Fine is now the proud owner of $ 3,336 million, with inXile’s Wasteland 2 finding $ 2,933 million to use for development purposes.


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