Halo 4 – Halo 4: In Depth – Perk Info,Custom Classes, New Weapon
Halo 4 – Halo 4: In Depth – Perk Info,Custom Classes, New Weapon

A video recapping the info given in the latest Halo 4 Bulletin on Halo Waypoint. Perks, Custom Classes and New Weapons! Bulletin: halo.xbox.com Also don’t forget to check out Tall Chiefs new channel: www.youtube.com ————————————————————————————————————— For More Halo info: Subscribe to our YouTube channel – www.youtube.com Check out our FaceBook page – www.facebook.com Halo Zone Apparel – www.redbubble.com

  1. You sir are a fag. That is all, and your post gave me cancer.

  2. What are you talking about? 

  3. my childhood memories are better than yours so your wrong

  4. no its not… its a better perk system that doesnt work the same way

  5. Nicely done I think that the BR will be a completely different gun love the game And you helped my uot to know what to excpect thx =)

  6. Oh look, they ended up having a perk system. XD Oh look, Halo 4 is another Call of Duty.


  8. uh.. uhh.. youre so smart dude! i posted that 3 months ago. plus no they dont, all they have is a flood claw/sword whatever you want to call it. whose the dumb ass here eh..

  9. You homos halo 4 is the best

  10. No it will not be better, Halo 2 and 3 will always be the best, ,imo.

  11. You are a true Halo fan, don’t listen to these COD fanboys who just played their first Halo, I’ve been around since Combat evolved and it looks like they fucked up Halo, big time.

  12. Totally agree, its more fun to just run to the middle of the map pick up that sniper rifle kill them, Halo 3 memories 😀

  13. Can’t wait till halo 4

  14. well there are flood weapons in the flood mode….

  15. This game is going to be fucking awsome

  16. Oh shit guys look, its NEGATIVE NANCY

  17. there is also dmr br and a new gunm which is a br when your not scoped in and when scoping in it turns to a one shot burst gun like the dmr

  18. halo 4 multiplayer is a based of a simulated training program on the unsc infnity

  19. I don`t care anymore. Halo 4 will be better than the others. Final Statement.

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