GS News – Sony introduces ‚Day 1 Digital‘ campaign
GS News – Sony introduces ‚Day 1 Digital‘ campaign

Publisher offering 8 titles including Resident Evil 6, Assassin’s Creed III, and MoH: Warfighter as day-one downloads in October; some available at for PS Plus preorders. Read the full story here: Stay up to date by subscribing to GameSpot news! Visit our other channels: Gameplay & Guides – Trailers – MLG, NASL & eSports – Mobile Gaming – Like – Follow –

  1. Discs don’t work on my ps3, I hope hitman becomes downloadable *fingers crossed*

  2. I need help on ps3. I bought assassins creed 3 and need for speed most wanted in the playstation store. Can i gameshare assassins creed 3 with my friend and Need for speed most wanted with my cousin? is the limit for gamesharing 2 times per game?

  3. wow im not too bright :/

  4. Buy game for 60 at store. Play for a few months. get bored. Sell for 20. The game cost me 40. game for 54 digitally, play for a few months, get bored. delete it for space. The game cost me 54. Nope.

  5. Let me download 2k13!!!!! It’s definitely October 2nd now!!!!

  6. Fuck this day one digital shit.! ! ! ! ! !

  7. The problem however is that just one game can be over 15 gigs which can take up alot of space. On a pc this wouldnt be much of a problem but on consoles its more demanding.

  8. I should also point out that digital distribution overcomes the issue of discs becoming lost or damaged and is cheaped so. However depending which service you use, you may or may not get manuals with your purchase.

  9. I’m going to dictate my personal opinion with no bias. Digital distribution is best on pc since you avoid having to enter serial codes all the time (let alone losing them), cloud saves and can afford to have the games fully intstalled on your system. HOWEVER, digital distribution for consoles is less convenient since you literally have the whole game installed on your consoles hard drive (space that should be used for saves and actual digital games).

  10. The only exception imo is pc games since it’s agrevating to enter serial codes. Hence I use steam for those. For consoles however I go traditional.

  11. People dont understand that the games you download are linked to your account. This means that whenever your console dies or whatever, you can just download them again on a new one.
    Added benefit is that you can download your game on any console/computer you want without the need of bringing a physical copy.

    And last but not least : Theres no chance of damaging your copy (iow scratching the cd).

  12. Uhh..I’d honestly rather have the physical copy, then the digital. Never know, what can happen to your system, nowadays. But, it is a good deal, for ppl who only do digital.

  13. Day 1 access…. Day 2 to finish download…..

  14. No stores, no downloads, just orders ;P

  15. you can download it again since they are linked to your PSN account……i am starting to think no one here has ever bought a game on steam or even a xbl arcade or psn

  16. First off you don’t store your games in memory, its called a stinking hard drive. Secondly, the downloaded games are linked to your PSN account. Your system crashes you can re-download them.

  17. what happens if your ps3 breaks and you bought all those games digitally…. lets just say ur fuckin screwed

  18. I prefer disc’s that way if I want to I can always sell it or lend it to others but the demand for physical games will never go away, far too many people are not online for various reasons. Stats I saw from last year showed over 40% of PS3 owners had never been online.

  19. Maybe that is the future but if so then count me out, I will stick to this gen or go retro. Your hardly in a position to tell people what they will do with their money, I have standards and don’t change them for anyone or anything. Digital gaming can go take a flying leap, I have no interest in it at all.

  20. from what store/website?

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