Forza Horizon – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6 (HD XBOX 360 PC)
Forza Horizon – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6 (HD XBOX 360 PC)

Rate if you enjoy! Playlist: Twitter! – Facebook! – Forza Horizon on Xbox 360 delivers action racing with the freedom of the open road. Combining the legendary Forza authenticity with a festival atmosphere, Forza Horizon is where you can show off your stylish driving to become the star of the world’s most unique motorsport party. FORZA HORIZON FORZA HORIZON GAMEPLAY FORZA HORIZON WALKTHROUGH FORZA HORIZON WALKTHROUGH PART 1 FORZA HORIZON PART 1 FORZA HORIZON Campaign FORZA HORIZON Single Player FORZA HORIZON Mission 1

  1. Dude, it is not just a truck, it is a Raptor.

  2. 2 lamborghini murias.

  3. „I think this truck handles well,“ as you plow into a tree. Hilarious.

  4. Hey dude is this game for pc

  5. try not to put survey next time

  6. You can’t drive it’s shocking get better before playing a game like this

  7. Since when does SVT Raptor has this good acceleration?

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  9. You should take a look at the autoshow to see all the cars!

  10. @dwinthy

    The fairlady wasn’t designed by Nissan. It was designed by datsun but Nissan bought datsun.

  11. Loving the series so far man! You should defo bump the difficulty up a bit for future episodes if you havent already though. More money!!

  12. When you finish the game bendro, you get 5 mil credits, IF you have all assists on, without it you can get about 12, 13 mil credits.

  13. Dude driving isn’t just handling and accelerateing, its also using the breaks to help you with the corners

  14. dont for get to murder out the wheels too

  15. It’s an old Lamborghini.

  16. The truck is capable of s:class and is extremely fast for a truck.

  17. Can you make the vids longer please? 🙂

  18. this game has doope tracks!

  19. Uppload more :D

  20. make your other cars matte black too

  21. i love this play through. 

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