FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Pack opening – WEEKLY Ep8
FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Pack opening – WEEKLY Ep8


  1. he got a badge and kit from the same team in one pack.

  2. I feel bad for saying this but I opened two packs today and got Suarez and IF Torres :-/

  3. 8 as it says lol then the hunt fors in between

  4. how many episodes do you have?

  5. I open packs almost daily and i have never had and inform and the best player i have ever got is podolski in a 15k pack

  6. Go on my videos my play list

  7. good german team for 150k 4231 RB L.Piszczek , RCB F.Santana, LCB Dede, LB Marcelo, RCDM Schweinsteiger, LCDM Liuz Gustavo, RCAM M.Gotze, LCAM Diego, CF M.Reus, A. Esswien . This team has no dead links & 99 chem without a manager

  8. ouch my ears at 1 30 lol

  9. the last four days i got a Di Maria, next day a Benzema this morning a alexander pato and just opened another Benzema a second ago!

  10. Iv been playing UT since it first came out think it was FIFA 10? Not sure. But in all my time playing iv never got an inform player :L

  11. im like you i havent opened as much as you probably but ive opened about 20 packs with my coins and fifa points and my best player was a bayern munich player who sold for like 5k xD i feel your pain

  12. Think you should give me a friendly match? ?

  13. Please do a video on inform Falcaoe (No idea how to spell it!) He played amazing today!

  14. I’ve spent 700k on packs. got NO ONE. literally over it lol.

  15. I never get anyone I always end up with a rare contract and morale card. When the game first game out I seemed to always get good players, now I would be lucky to get a rare bronze -.-

  16. how many packs do you reckon u have opened mate

  17. Congratz on 3k subs ma man.

  18. Max will you plz do a setup video plz plz , cheers

  19. i feel for u but its funny how u rage:)

  20. I got kagawa I’m my first FIFA 13 pack

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