Deadlight W/ Commentary P.3 – Rat The Homeless Yoda
Deadlight W/ Commentary P.3 – Rat The Homeless Yoda This Playthrough was recorded LIVE on 8/7/2012 Dont Miss Another Stream Follow My Twitch or Follow My Twitter or Follow My Website or Subscribe To My Second Channel Part.3 Normal XBLA

  1. Anyone else think he said dick instead of dip

  2. Yay Halo easter egg

  3. 5:53 yes i will be your guide cause my name is Virgil.

  4. When I saw The Mummy trailer my first reaction was Billy Zane, it had to be the eyeliner.

  5. Cultural awareness, probably.

  6. Why can’t you just call them zombies in zombie games lately?

  7. Randall reminds of Solid Snake, in a zombie apocalypse.

  8. ds any one else think this is poore batmans bat cave and the rat is albert

  9. lol i love that jelly bird

  10. Lol ISpy man. that was great. my favorite part was when they were in the sewer lol he was like it smell like shit lmao. or when he was bitching about them not getting any cool spy gear lmao. that had me dying.

  11. i saw this video on RadBrads channel but i’ll gladly watch it again

  12. Dude its just an idea 

  13. I was talking on possible fictional POV.
    The Deadlight Wayne has absolutely nothing to do with Batman and it can’t have anything to do with it either. The turns in the game deny it.

  14. wayne bruce mr wayne whatever its somewhat an alternate story

  15. Ok if this was based in 1986 then clearly Wayne was doing the Moonwalk at 14:00. Respect the nostalgia.

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