Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Xbox 360 vs PC Graphics Comparison 1080p
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Xbox 360 vs PC Graphics Comparison 1080p

Recorded on the Xbox 360 and PC (at full settings) in 1080p. The Xbox 360 version looks surprisingly good in this side by side comparison. ~~~PC Graphics Settings for this Recording~~~ Number of Corpses: Large (One of the best settings I’ve ever seen) 1920×1080 Shadows: High Texture Quality: Extra Texture Filtering: High Anti-Aliasing: 16x CSAA FXAA: Yes Ambient Occlusion: On Depth of Field: High Sync Every Frame: Yes Max Frames Per Second: Unlimited Draw FPS: No Twitter @JohnTarrJr Twitter @ExplicitD Facebook Google+ Livestreams

  1. I personally think Teryarch doesn’t pay much attention to graphics.

    PC still won though :p

  2. in my opinion xbox has a slight edge over pc, which is really fucking weird

  3. to be honest with black op 2 and these settings i can’t really tell

  4. Controllers are „easier“ to use because you have auto aim, yeah, that’s so much fun, right? And you wish, Crysis isn’t running at true 1080p, it’s upscaled like most other games and it looks atrocious.

  5. Don’t worry, you wont see much of a difference in this video, you need to play both version (PC and 360) on a 1080p TV. From what I’ve noticed the 360 version has no Anti Aliasing, muddy shadows at times, texture and object pop in and some other smaller problems. I’ve played it on PC for a while and just saw the 360 version running on my TV and I was shocked how much worse it looks. The weird part is, Splinter Cell:CT looks better than this game and it’s an Xbox 1 game o_O I’m not kidding.

  6. So what if consoles are compute components? They aren’t very good obviously… 1 GTX 690 and a decent processor would be soooo much better than a Ps3 or XBox and you can download soo many more games Pc is just better…

  7. and i always asked myself why a 720p video looks good on my 1440p monitor but looks kind of cheap in youtube (even worse than 480p used to look in games)

  8. for 300$ you easily get a better pc than a ps3 in terms of graphics, combined with the fact that pc games are always cheaper (due to the huge licensing fees devs have to pay on ps/xbox) pc is even cheaper overall
    the only good way to buy a console is used for 50$ like i did with my xbox360 (for the splitscreen) but now pc can have splitscreen too (well takes 1-2 minutes longer to setup than simply having it already in the game but also supports more games)

  9. its more of a shame that many companys build shit gaming pcs with (for example) i7s and something around gt-x20 cards and a useless psu which can be thrown into the trash on the next upgrade and also charge like 100-200 bucks because its pre-built

    building a pc is easier than learning the abc but many are afraid of it and thats why they buy consoles, since they think every pc has to cost like 600 bucks plus just to have the same power as a xbox while in reality 250-300 bucks pcs beat it

  10. I am blind or something?



  13. no, halo ce has bad graphics too, minecraft too, and a lot of games too

  14. you know that consoles are computer components….right? they just arent up gradable

  15. so they want my social security number,my credit card number, my address and my house key and alarm code right? I HATE these scams and all the people who fall for them. Stop preying on the weak minded and stop using YouTube altogether. I know you dont have a pink ipad from that site, and im 1000% sure its a scam

  16. thats totally different since back then gaming was better. Today its just half asses pc ports on xbox

  17. false. I used to play on xbox when my pc was shitty and when i got new hardware for my pc, i never touched that shit console again.

    You see, PC is fully customizeable and has dedicated servers.

    With xbox, you have to join a random online game rather than joining your favoirte server.

    Sniping servers, explosive servers, you name it. for the xbox, you form a party with your friends to play it.

    Thats the difference.

  18. IT runs good on older pcs because its the quake 3 enhanced engine. Every 2 years iw just adds an extra graphic setting exclusive to pc and treyarc uses it in their game.

  19. Not much of a difference !

  20. PC is the master race. 

  21. The only thing I have to give them is my Social Security Number, right?

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