XCOM: Enemy Unknown playthrough pt55
XCOM: Enemy Unknown playthrough pt55

This is my playthrough of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, with live commentary. www.thekingofhate.com http for game playthroughs www.youtube.com for fighting game coverage www.facebook.com Subscribe on Face book www.facebook.com Like my Facebook Fan Page Follow me on Twitter @TheyCallMeDSP

  1. Nat White (The Rookie) must be like: YAY, i got into a mission for the first time!
    Obama: Wouldn’t be so glad if i were you
    White: Why?
    Guile: Last rookies that came with us got ripped to pieces in no time

  2. 0:40

    I knew because i wanted to read the fun descriptions they wrote for the items :3

  3. What does „Desperado“ means? I forgot.

  4. Anyone else think that Barack Obama looks like Prophet from Crysis with the titan armor on?

  5. Just so Phil knows, whenever he plays a game like 007 legends, i suffer with him, i will watch the playthrough no matter how shitty the game, he is not alone in this. HOORAH!

  6. 2:44 Wow, that brings back some memories lmao.

  7. Keep playing, Phil! You’ll beat it!

  8. Don’t even mention that atrociousness know as 007 Legends. The PS2 bond games were better.

  9. Hang on Phil took advice… I promised I would eat my shoe if he did… the shoelaces are gonna be the worst part :/

  10. „Alright, here we go“

    Oh man, I can’t wait for shit to go bad after that ending…

  11. Not sure why you would give a sniper Titan armor when their a long-ranged unit designed to stay away from combat and one that has the ability „dam good ground“ but ok Phil…

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