PORTAL 2 „PS3 vs XBOX 360“ Graphics Comparison ((SPLIT SCREEN))
PORTAL 2 „PS3 vs XBOX 360“ Graphics Comparison ((SPLIT SCREEN))

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  1. close but no cigar. im actually 14 and im not the only above ten that plays ps3 thank you very much

  2. Valve uses the PS3 to its max (which is hard)

    The X360 is a lot easier to code fore=Better Multi-platform games most of the time, but when you crach the PS3 engima…

  3. Better color? Seriously? Look at the blue guy at 0:44. 360 is producing lighter colors, not richer. more proof? The vines at 0:50. Again, richer deeper colors on the PS3. On top of that the PS3 looks slightly sharper, 360 seems blurred.

    The 360 doesn’t even have better shadows either, they’re slightly more jagged.

  4. wii can never win cuz its gay and doesnt even have balls

  5. Never mind spot the difference. That screwed up my eyes, bloody awesome.


  7. Both look the exact same…

  8. The PS3 version appears to have slightly better textures and maybe more realistic lighting than the 360; however, the changes are not too notable to be honest. I own both PS3 and PC versions of the game, and I think PC wins graphically unsurprisingly but also plays a lot more smoothly than either console port. Good comparison though!

  9. wow a multiplatform game looks better on ps3. how wonderful

  10. All PS3 owners are like ten years old, so i’m guessing your one of them?

  11. I like going on console videos just to see „OMFG XBOX IZ BETTER / NO PS3 OMGMASTER RACE BEST!!!“

  12. xbox 360 better color and shadows

  13. i bet thats not true.ps3 owns.

  14. you made people buy something thats a rip off

  15. Its looks the same;) and the ps3 version is better than the xbox Version okay;)

  16. I got two people to throw there ps3 away and buy an xbox360 they both said that xbox is 10 times better

  17. Xbox was recorded using av cords while ps3 was using hdmi. Wtf??!!

  18. pause 1:06 look at texture difference ps3 better!

  19. In My opinion PS3=Xbox 360.

  20. Ps3 offers a low brightness and Xbox just shades in a little brighter but in my opinion Ps3 has more enhanced graphics

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