NBA 2K13 Allen Iverson Continuing A Legacy 27/10/12
NBA 2K13 Allen Iverson Continuing A Legacy 27/10/12

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  1. No he was already in the game

  2. Did you create that Allen Iverson??

  3. thanks man i hope you start getting more views

  4. No worries man keep safe I will have an NBA 2K13 Center video out tonight at 8pm GMT my time which im not sure what time is on east coast

  5. make more of these this hurricane sandy made me a prisoner to my own house

  6. #theanswer

  7. hahah thanks for watching 

  8. press up on the d pad and it should bring up the skills hub

  9. haha I like to entertain like that

  10. You sound like Stewie from family guy

  11. Finnaly a good video that doesnt get disliked Im liking it good video

  12. #thereturn

  13. Hahaha thanks man 

  14. i havent watched your videos in a long time but btw good video man Dumbs up

  15. How you get that thing on the top left of your screen?

  16. He is still PG A.I is in at SG

  17. yessaahh

  18. Its the answer everyone loves to hear and see lol

  19. hahaha thanks man you never know about practice :P 

  20. Go to create a legend mode them select iverson he is on the 2000 2001 76ers roster

  21. Thanks man - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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