NBA 2K13: 3 on 3 BlackTop Revealed
NBA 2K13: 3 on 3 BlackTop Revealed

NBA 2K13 3 on 3 Black Top Gameplay Reveal. 1st look at Black Top Gameplay Subscribe & Check ShakeDown2012 out on Twitter: ★ Special Shout Out To My Man Smitty! Check out his channel: Thanks to VisualVids4u for the nice Twitter Outro For Machinima…

  1. If they put in Bump J we dont play no games from Nba Live 2005 that would be boss

  2. How do u unlock allstars on the blacktop theres only benchwarmers for me

  3. I wish 2k13 had a point of view camera

  4. cool introduction

  5. Yeah, that’s fun right, though it’s a Korean game

  6. Its called Free-style Street Basketball!

  7. There’s already a game like what u described , it’s called freestyle

  8. that court reminds me of nba street V3

  9. You sound like Snoop Dogg.

  10. if you want to customize your blacktop guy, do you go to the team shop or apparel shop? or can you go to both?

  11. actually in the game. Amongst other legendary songs too.

  12. Is the nas song actually in the game or is it just something you put in the background ? lol please reply

  13. That idea for the game sounds super fun. And they could add a „free for all“ type by getting like 5 people and play 21 tips!

  14. My over all is 69 I got my Dunks up to 90 today and my 3pt is 82 pass 90 next is my steals

  15. That FPS idea is a good idea and it should be in every sports game with pickup games and for football there should pick-up flag football

  16. The song „Amazing“ is so boss, 2K was like „who the fuck cares if it was in 2K10, this is the shit!“

  17. damn whoever playin this is a pretty damn selfish player

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