Madden 13 – Madden NFL 13 E3 Trailer – Ray Lewis Speech – HD
Madden 13 – Madden NFL 13 E3 Trailer – Ray Lewis Speech – HD

E3 Trailer for Madden NFL 13 with Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis. I’m getting very excited for this game and will have a lot to say about the game as the release date grows near. I have high hopes for Madden 13 and can’t wait after enjoying Madden 12 for as long as I have. I’m looking for Madden 13 to intensify the Madden experience. Check out my channel for more awesome content DAILY! Follow me on the social networks to be a part of my livestreams and to know when ALL my videos are uploaded Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Facebook Check out more of my awesome series! Madden 12 Vikings Franchise Madden 12 Ultimate Team Flash Jackson Road to the Show NFL Offseason 2012 (Offseason Talk About All Teams!) Jack Hammer (MLB) Road to Glory Tank Tucker (RB) Road to Glory/Madden Superstar All Pro Football 2k8 Goats Season Starhawk Campaign Walkthrough/Let’s Play WWE 12 Universe Mode Madden NFL 13 – Madden NFL 13 – Madden NFL 13 E3 Trailer – Ray Lewis Speech – HD TAGS „Madden 13“ „Madden NFL“ „Madden NFL 13“ „Madden 13 Trailer“ „Madden 13 Ray Lewis“ „Madden E3“ „Madden 13 E3“ „Madden E3 Trailer“ „Madden 13 Gameplay“ „Madden 13 Exclusive“ MrHurriicane Sports Gaming PS3 xbox 360 HD „Ray Lewis Speech“ „E3 Trailer“ E3 „E3 video“ „NFL 2012“ „NFL Football“ „NFL Madden“ „Madden New“ „New

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  1. I just beat chuck norris in a fight

  2. I’m going to go outside and fly now

  3. HOLY SHIT!!!!! I’m going to go play a video game now!!!

  4. I feel fucking badass while listening to this. Then I realize im just a gamer… I don’t play in the NFL, I’m eating my Doritos and drinkin‘ my Cherry Coke.

  5. Is there anyway to just get the spoken word? no background music

  6. 1:08 gave me chills……“leave… your… mark to endure FOREVER!!!!“. now i feel like going outside and tackling a bus

  7. I wrestled with an alligator!

  8. 16 years PLUS!!!
    I’m a steelers fan and you know how we feel about the ravens but ray tore this shit up excellent speech Ray!!

  9. 11 people don’t understand the speech

  10. Who told you, you were not big enough, you’re a fucking monster!?

  11. I was thinking the same thing haha

  12. Who would ever say Ray Lewis is small?

  13. I like the other version better, its a little more epic.

  14. Love this speech

  15. 0:16 – 0:24 I call absolute bull.

  16. Diz mii motivation speech

  17. Ray Lewis is the best ever period. NO ONE GREATER THAN RAY LEWIS

  18. After watching this video, i went to Game stop and sold them my madden 12 edition. They politely offered me $3.50. I then recited Ray Ray’s intro and performed live Oklahoma drills inside GS. Needless to say i received 2 free game informers, $17.50 for madden 12 and MADDEN 13

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