Let’s Play NEW Super Mario Bros U – PART 5 HD
Let’s Play NEW Super Mario Bros U – PART 5 HD

IT CAME! IT FINALLY CAME! Wii U has arrived!! and now let the fun times begin! New Super Mario Bros. U is my much anticipated title this year, I LOVE MARIO. I can’t wait to dig into this one and tear it to shreds. Mind the Nasally voice, unfortunately going through some bad sinus issues at the moment. Still Enjoy this, should be freaking amazing. Follow Riz: Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: facebook.com —————————————- TAGS: Cannon New Super Mario Bros Wii Hack Weland Lelap Newer Summer Sun Holliday Special Rom ISO Image Retro Remix NewerTeam Wiimixers Remake Lets Play Walkthrough Playthrough Gameplay Part Bowser Peach Toad Koopa KoopaTroopa Goomba Million Coins NSMBW NSMBWii CannonSMBWii Hacks RomHack Wiiu Sucks WiiUSucks U Newsupermariobros2 NewsupermariobrosU SUPER MARIO LAND 2 SIX 6 GOLDEN COINS MEGAMAN MEGA MAN PACMAN PAC MAN STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN SFXTEKKEN SFXT SFIV IV FOUR IV SUPER 3D EDITION PS3 XBOX360 XBOX MICROSOFT SONY PLAYSTATION PLAYSTATION3 THREE RYU KEN MASTERS BISON YES! YES M.BISON MASS EFFECT 3 MASSEFFECT3 PSVITAGIVEAWAY PS VITA GAMES LEAKED UNCHARTED 3 SUBWAY CODE GIVEAWAY COMPETITION WIN DOWNLOAD nintendo nintendo3ds ambassador program free games mario metroid samus wrecking crew yoshi balloon fight ice climbers golf mari0 portals uncharted spikeTV download mario bros zelda legend of donkey kong junior jr metroid adventure steve jobs quite retires resigns leaves apple empire ted cook ceo coo chairman ipod ipad imac macbook

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