Let’s Play Hydrophobia Prophecy gameplay in HD – Intro and Explosions – Part 1
Let’s Play Hydrophobia Prophecy gameplay in HD – Intro and Explosions – Part 1

I saw this game on WTF is Hydrophobia Prophecy on Totalbiscuits channel and just had to try it out for myself, given I am an adventure nut and have had horrible experiances with water in the past, I thought it would be interesting to see how I react to this game. Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com TAGS: how to beat Hydrophobia playthrough „playthrough part“ part intro dark energy digitalcinematic pc machinima gameplay walkthrough commentary normal difficulty lets play realistreviewer realist reviewer yt quality high tutorial walk through help tips tip cheat cheats game gamer gaming video games sucks PS3 Xbox 360 Xbox360 Live let’s play walk through hd 1080p

  1. thanks mate

  2. fuck the haters! you’re an excellent commentator, very entertaining too!

  3. @Hamisht12 it costs 1.25 on steam and ps3, not ssutre about xbox, the game is about 2 hours long withot failing but there is hardly any enimies

  4. Question to anyone who has bought this game: Is it worth getting? Are the collectables easily found or are they scattered about etc. Would you recommend getting it?

  5. Let me hold up a mirror up and reflect back your comment to you:

    please don’t comment on my videos, you suck ass at commenting, just watch the damn video!

    yeah looks like a waste of time to me

  6. Please don’t be a commentator
    You suck ass just play the damn game!

  7. Funny since most people don’t like a commentator that rarely speaks, it’s interesting to get a rare comment that doesn’t want someone to speak, I suggest you find someone to your tastes if I’m not it.

  8. Damn!!! you talk to damn much…… just play the fucking game

  9. marketing mostly meant that not many heard about the game and this is an indy game so usually shorter and less shiny than pro titles, a fun game and a bargin for 1.25

  10. it’s only USD 1.25 on Steam today. How come it’s so cheap?!

  11. it’s 1.25$ now, lol

  12. I just buyed it 😉

  13. On sale for 1.25 euros on Steam currently.

  14. @RealistReviewer do you do JazReviews?

  15. 10 dollars in the indie bundle XI today! get it!

  16. can u play this game in first person shoter view?

  17. so how’s the game, should i get it?

  18. i bought it for 1.99

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