Kinect Dance Central – Fergalicious (Hard) Gameplay
Kinect Dance Central – Fergalicious (Hard) Gameplay

Gold stars! Doing „Fergalicious“ by Fergie in Dance Central on Hard. The choreography is more female oriented, but in the end you just gotta make it work! 🙂 Sorry about the bad title! Quality control takes a nosedive when you’ve had a long day! :/ „Fergalicious“ by Fergie is rated five out of six stars for difficulty in Dance Central and is located in the Hardcore level of the game. „Fergalicious“ can be downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace for 240 Microsoft points (). I’m on Twitter! ( Follow me for updates on new uploads, video gaming snark, and commentary on whatever shiny pop culture meme my attention is fixed on at the moment. PLEASE READ THE FAQ AT MY CHANNEL if you have any questions about how I make my videos. Thank you so much for all the compliments and support! Doing these videos every week is so much more fun when people out there in Internet Land show appreciation for them. Spiteful and mean-spirited comments will be deleted immediately and your account blocked, so don’t even bother.

  1. você seu pai seu irmão seu avo e seu tio!

  2. You have put me to shame T.T Im jealous..

  3. its a dance game stfu and stop ruining ppl’s moments

  4. Gay

  5. this is almost the best dance move’s keep it up

  6. -Throws Away Wii After 2nd Time-

  7. I love ‚No-No‘ And ‚Not A Chance‘ moves.. its like fucking awesome 😀

  8. Can’t wait to see your videos for DC2!

  9. If iget 20 likes ill start posting videos about dance central.

  10. Emilia? Are u killing me?! XD

  11. i luv emilea wit this song omgosh i luv EMILEA this is my fav character of yea and great dancing dude way to go!!!!!!

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  13. I was trying to get excellent in the part of „hold,hold,hold,hold,hold,hold on,check it out“ but never couldnt and he makes it so fking easy !!hate you know dude!! (:


  15. You, Sir…ROCK!!!

  16. I think the chick in the front should become a back up dancer so you can be the lead dancer! (:

  17. lapdance?!! +fergalicious

  18. Gah. Why do I find this dance easier to do than Push It and Wild Thing! It’s supposed to be harder! 🙂

  19. Yay!!!

  20. Lap dance danc central

  21. Much appreciated, sir!

  22. That was clean riffraff! Keep it goin‘!

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