Halo Reach – Walkthrough Part 4 [Mission 3: ONI: SWORD BASE] – W/Commentary
Halo Reach – Walkthrough Part 4 [Mission 3: ONI: SWORD BASE] – W/Commentary

See the full Halo Reach Walkthrough here ➜ goo.gl ➜ Halo Reach: Walkthrough ▼ Halo Reach: Lewis starts the amazing game of Halo Reach, giving you the complete walkthrough of the game day by day, with a funny commentary from one of the many English commentators that can talk to save the world. ► Halo: Reach ▼ A prequel to the popular Halo franchise. For decades, humanity has fled from the relentless Covenant threat. but now the largest Covenant fleet ever witnessed looms in the darkened skies over Reach. Noble Team, equipped with a deadly arsenal of high tech weaponry and abilities, and bolstered by the full might of the UNSC, must stand and face a full scale planetary invasion with humanity’s fate hanging desperately in the balance. If Reach falls, little will stand between the Covenant and the complete an total annihilation of the human race. Release Date ➜ 14 September, 2010 Genre ➜ First-Person Shooter Publisher ➜ Microsoft Game Studios Developer ➜ Bungie =-=-=-=-=Follow Lewis Blogs Gaming =-=-=-=-= Facebook: goo.gl Twitter: goo.gl iTunes: goo.gl T-Shirts: goo.gl Lewis Vlogs: goo.gl =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ————————————————————- This is a YouTube Show. See the *Full* Show below the video. Click „“Like““ and „“Favorite““ if you like this video. Helps me make more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. ———————————————————— Lewis has Official T-Shirts for his

  1. @Adam Davies no way!

  2. @Cleanmythreesicle thanks man!

  3. @datrouth1 touché!

  4. because the DMR is a much better weapon

  5. Y don’t u use the assault rifle?

  6. Dude your fucking hilarious.

  7. cant believe you missed the second target locator

  8. Wich came first halo or reach

  9. Lewis you know you can use the target locater to kill a phantom and the locator will recharge every checkpoint.

  10. Youre the one who kept replying and i thought you said you did youre final comment

  11. No actually because ur just wasting my time

  12. Just cause i’m right

  13. My finishing comment Suck it! …………

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