Halo 4 Gameplay – Dominion on Exile – W/Commentary
Halo 4 Gameplay – Dominion on Exile – W/Commentary

See the Full Halo 4 Gameplay Show Here: goo.gl Halo 4 Gameplay: Dominion on Exile Halo 4: Dominion – Strategy, weapons and hiding places on Exile with some rather useful commentary with Lewis. Halo 4 with Lewis! =-=-=-=-=Follow Lewis Blogs Gaming =-=-=-=-= Facebook: goo.gl Twitter: goo.gl iTunes: goo.gl T-Shirts: goo.gl Lewis Vlogs: goo.gl =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= *Lewis has Official T-Shirts for his YouTube Channel! Check them out and maybe even buy one for as little as £12.50. For all those Americans out there that’s .95 in your language! T-Shirt Shop: goo.gl *Lewis has also released an album, its on iTunes for £3.49 or .99. iTunes Link: goo.gl Check out Lewis Blogs Gaming for more daily uploads! ————————————————————- This is a YouTube Show. See the *Full* Show below the video. Click „“Like““ and „“Favorite““ if you like this video. Helps me make more! Tell us what you think in the comments below. ———————————————————— – Halo Reach [GAME PLAY] – www.youtube.com – Lets Play: Halo CEA – www.youtube.com – Lets Play: Skyrim – www.youtube.com – Lets Play: Battlefield 3 – www.youtube.com – Lets Play: Assassin’s Creed Revelations – www.youtube.com – Lets Play: Crysis 2 – www.youtube.com – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [GAME PLAY] – Lets Play: Halo 4 (When Released) Rate, Comment and Subscribe! More Videos Uploaded Daily.

  1. im just one level ahead of you surprisingly „cough“ „cough“
    jk jk
    oh if you want to invite me on xbox my name is CutoffDragon101
    my younger brother changed my name -_-

  2. try for assassination master please!!!!!!!!!

  3. So much energy

  4. U make music?

  5. your channel is my favorite because their are no advertisment. ads ruine videos

  6. Bang out

  7. hey lewis ive had the game for 3 days and im SR33! 😀
    also you might want to start making other loadouts with stuff like the suppressor and light rifle, mabey other armour abilitys aswell

  8. Last Stand happens when one team captures all the bases. The other team then all get overshields and only 1 life, until they recapture one of the bases. Its a good thing you have me here to explain things for you 😀 if you need to know anything, just ask 😉

  9. Hey, Lewis quick tip for you about Plasma Grenades – Always keep one handy soin a situation like 00:50 you can throw one atthem close range – Sometimes it can get you an extra kill (I have even had double kills from the grave because the person I stuck doesn’t relize and runs into his teammate). I’m a „Stick Master“ 🙂

  10. FACECAM please! and how was your christmas mine was awesome

  11. use more the BR please

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