Halo 3 – Walkthrough Part 10 [Mission 4: THE STORM] – W/Commentary
Halo 3 – Walkthrough Part 10 [Mission 4: THE STORM] – W/Commentary

See the full Halo 3 Show here ➜ goo.gl ➜ Halo 3 Walkthrough▼ Lewis Starts the amazing campaign of Halo 3. After the cliff hanger in Halo 2 Lewis still has many questions remaining about what has happened and what only the trilogy of this series can answer. ► Halo 3▼ After the events of the comic tie-in Halo: Uprising, the Master Chief crashes in eastern Africa, where he is found by Johnson and the Arbiter. The Chief, Johnson, and company fight Covenant in the jungle and arrive at a UNSC outpost. Here, Keyes and Lord Hood plan a final effort to stop the Covenant leader, the High Prophet of Truth, from activating a Forerunner artifact uncovered outside the ruins of the city of New Mombasa. The Chief clears anti-air Covenant defenses so Hood can lead the last of Earth’s ships against the Prophet, but Truth activates the buried artifact, creating a slipspace portal which he and his followers enter. A Flood-infested ship crash-lands nearby; Elite forces arrive and vitrify Flood-infected areas of Earth, stopping the threat. Following a message Cortana left aboard the Flood ship, the Chief, Arbiter, Elites, Johnson, Keyes and their troops follow Truth through the portal. Joining them is 343 Guilty Spark, who aids the Chief as he has no function to fulfill after the destruction of his ringworld. Release Date ➜ September 25, 2009 Genre ➜ First-Person Shooter Publisher ➜ Microsoft Game Studios Developer ➜ Bungie =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =-=-=-=-=Follow Lewis Blogs

  1. @XXTh3Jam35XX Sorry about that but not a problem at all

  2. @deathlord269 It’s deffinatly there!

  3. @pierox117 Oohh my bad

  4. @zrook2123 Sorry man! :O but hey ho at Least you know where it is 🙂

  5. The Skull was laying there on the ground :O i saws it :O

  6. your not supposed to destroy the wraiths

  7. i found it an hour after my comment. I talk to Lewis regularly.
    I’m mentioned in his old videos even.

  8. you can find it in his channel

  9. hey i can’t find part 9. it jumps from 8 to 10

  10. all of the episodes are already recorded a few days before they end up online. so its too late to really ask that.

  11. u didnt get the skull ??soz bout the other comments

  12. lu didint get the skull

  13. No Way!!! I say douche as my friends all say it and you say it too!!!!
    Great vid lewis 🙂

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