Gaming with Gray: Halo 4 – Change of Plans – Ep. 13
Gaming with Gray: Halo 4 – Change of Plans – Ep. 13

We have to find our way onto the Didact’s ship to put an end to his evil plans. Thanks for watching and being awesome! Be sure to check out my other channels and all sorts of ways to keep up with me. ———————————————————————— Check out some of my „Let’s Play“s below! Halo 4 – Black Ops 2 – Mass Effect 3 – Skyrim – Dead Island – Battlefield 3 – Modern Warfare 3 – More Games and Playlists! – ———————————————————————— MAIN CHANNEL: IPHONE VLOGS: BEAUTY CHANNEL: DAILY VLOGS: WEBSITE: TWITTER – FACEBOOK – GOOGLE+ – INSTAGRAM – **If you want to keep up with my gaming videos via twitter, follow:** Want to send me letters and love? Look for my PO Box info on my channel – Remember, you’re always beautiful no matter what. And I love you!

  1. It’s not it also and not on stupid auto spell

  2. Is this your first halo Ive played since combat evolved still got it 2

  3. Sticky blue grenades it a plasma on the big guys r hunters with are kinda mutated alien worms

  4. you can use the sticky blue grenades to defeat the 2 monsters

  5. This is like trying to watch a 1 year old put the right shaped blocks in the right shaped holes….

  6. Scattershots and shotguns are close range weapons so long range against hunters with that gun doesn’t work haha. Otherwise, great job! I’m really loving the halo game plays 🙂

  7. Hello gray ,is there any more episodes of black ops 2 ?

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