Game-News | Fable II pulled from Xbox Live
Game-News | Fable II pulled from Xbox Live

Lionhead’s role-playing game vanishes from online marketplace with players unable to re-download previous purchases.


Lionhead Studios‘ role-playing game Fable II has vanished from Xbox Live, a GameSpot reader tipped the site this morning. The game is no longer available through the Games on Demand service on Xbox Live or via

Additionally, the reader notes that Fable II remains in users‘ download history for those who had previously purchased the game. However, attempting to re-download the game results in an error.

The game remains playable for those who have it installed on their hard drive or flash drive and its Knothole Island and See The Future expansions remain available to download.

A Microsoft representative was not immediately available to comment. Additionally, Lionhead Studios had not responded to GameSpot’s request for comment at press time.

Microsoft took a unique approach with Fable II on Xbox Live upon release in 2009, as it was released digitally through five chapters. The first, which introduced players to their hero’s childhood and first experiences inside Albion, was made available for free. Upon completion of the first chapter, players had the choice to purchase the next installment to continue.

The Fable II: Game Episodes were also compatible with the disk-based version of the game, meaning players who had completed digital chapters could pick up where they left off should they decide to purchase the retail version.

The original Fable remains available on Xbox Live for $ 10, while most recent release Fable III is available digitally for $ 20.

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