Forza Horizon Maximum Upgrade Build 9: 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition
Forza Horizon Maximum Upgrade Build 9: 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition

Join me as i build some cars to there maximum upgraded class for your viewing pleasure

  1. yea if u do wheel and body mods which are a matter of choice to do so it is for the most part accurate down to performance/handling…

  2. You can make this car 10 every cataogry. this video is inaccurate.

  3. make a free roam series with lamborghinis

  4. Gta V updates

  5.  bentley please

  6. do the henessey venom gt, that would be fast

  7. make a maximum build of the skyline 2000 gt-r

  8. forza = xbox only game so i got to 2 be on xbox 😀

  9. no problem lol 😀

  10. good idea and im going to start doing bf3 soon 😀

  11. i have an idea, for forza anyway could you try to do your best drift? like distance/track wise. and if there is and mazda rx-7 could you build that? also you could do some fps games bf3, mw3, minecraft. anyway great vids

  12. thank you for building this after my request!!!

  13. once i get off of being backed up i will do that (hurricane sandy made the weather to were i couldn’t upload for 3-4 days and it realy set me back some :[ )

  14. yeah its a lot better in horizon and handles way better to

  15. Wow,yeah 1,059HP is more like it,Forza 4 it said 897HP fully built,meanwhile it was walking stock Veyron SS’s on that game lol

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